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Pema Hou

Pema Hou

Mississauga, ON


I am an avid traveller and a self-confessed shutterbug with no formal training in photography. I prefer using a point and shoot camera for convenience. I am based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

June 2014 Update: Do visit my latest gallery on Nepal. I hope you enjoy viewing the photos most of which were taken during my trek in the Khumbu region, along the route to Everest Base Camp. Although I did not make it to EBC, the experience was out of this world. While there, I was made acutely aware of the hardships faced by the porters (not related to trekking) who carry impossibly heavy loads for days on end. They live in villages far south of the trekking area so they do not get support from the tourism industry. The trekking route is non-driveable so goods are mainly transported by pack animals or porters.

I have decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of any of my artwork on FAA to a poor family or families in the villages so that their children can go to school. Education is key in lifting them out of poverty and providing them empowerment. This is the ultimate goal for me.

Thank you for your support. Tashi Delek!

P.S. as of December 2014: with funds raised from family, friends and colleagues (mainly from running a half-marathon), I am able to send one girl from an impoverished family to a hostel in Namche Bazaar. Although education is free, the hostel stay is not. She will be enrolled in April 2015. The hostel and school environments will ensure her safety and give her an opportunity to study and be with children her age.


Mountain Scene 1 by Pema Hou


Mountain Scene by Pema Hou


Mountains 2 by Pema Hou


Mountains 1 by Pema Hou


Two Villagers by Pema Hou


Himalayan Goats by Pema Hou


Dizzying Heights by Pema Hou


Steep Mountain by Pema Hou


Dzo Train by Pema Hou


Sacred Words by Pema Hou


Rubble and Mountains by Pema Hou


Rock Pile and Mountains by Pema Hou


River and Suspension Bridges by Pema Hou


Doodh Khosi River by Pema Hou


Mule Train by Pema Hou


Mule Train 1 by Pema Hou


Mule Train 2 by Pema Hou


Two Birds by Pema Hou


Monks and Mountains 1 by Pema Hou


Monks and Mountains by Pema Hou


Prayer Wheels by Pema Hou


At the Chortens by Pema Hou


Memorial to Sir Edmund Hillary by Pema Hou


Infinity Steps by Pema Hou


Glimpse of Everest by Pema Hou


Glimpse of Everest 1 by Pema Hou


Electrical Upgrade for Namche Bazaar by Pema Hou


Yaks above Namche Bazaar 1 by Pema Hou


Yaks 1A by Pema Hou


Deep Valley by Pema Hou


Trek along the river by Pema Hou


Sherpa Lunch by Pema Hou


Tomato and Sausage Pizza by Pema Hou


Mushroom Pizza by Pema Hou


Cappuccino Time by Pema Hou


Prayer Flags above Namche Bazaar by Pema Hou


Above Namche Bazaar by Pema Hou


The Chorten by Pema Hou


River Valley by Pema Hou


Farm House in Valley by Pema Hou


The Farm House by Pema Hou


Sherpa Hamlet by Pema Hou


Wall of prayers by Pema Hou


Prayer Wheel by Pema Hou


Patio Sherpa Style by Pema Hou


Pansies by Pema Hou


Sherpa Kitchen by Pema Hou


Porters' Loads by Pema Hou